The Driving Theory Test…

All you need to know about your driving theory test

highwaycodeYou must successfully pass the driving theory test before you can take the practical driving test. The theory teat consists of 50 random questions in a multiple choice format and a computer test of Hazard perception which is a number of driving clips which the candidate is required to recognise developing hazards as soon as they occur. Both parts must be passed at the same time.

The pass mark for the questions is 43 out of 50, with the hazard perception pass mark being 47 out of possible 75 points.

I provide in car preparation and practice for the driving theory test to help you reach the required standard to enable a pass.

To prepare properly for the theory test, a good knowledge of the Highway Code is an advantage. There are several DVD’s , CD roms and Apps available to purchase. The one I normally recommend is the official DVSA Theory Test Kit app, as this comes direct from the people who set the test and has the latest version of the Highway Code as well as lots of extras to help you study along with information about the test itself .

How to book your theory test

Beware, as there are several websites that will charge you a booking fee and or promise you a “free” re-test. The current fee is £23.00 – DO NOT PAY MORE THAN THIS. I have heard stories of students paying £20 more than the DVSA price.

To book online go to the DVSA website (Click here), and you will also be able to practice theory questions free via that site. To cancel your theory test you must give at least 3 working days notice or you will loose your fee.

If you require any more information about your driving theory test, then please click here to contact me…