The Pass Plus Course…

What is the Pass Plus course, and how can I benefit from it?

The Pass Plus course is specially aimed at newly qualified drivers to develop their driving skills further and to continue to gain confidence to be able to deal with different aspects of driving.

The cost of the course is £180.00 and requires a minimum of 6 hours tuition. I carry out all the tuition myself and you are more than welcome to use my car in order to complete the course. You will receive a Pass Plus certificate at the end of the course from the DVSA.

The Modules are:

  • Town Driving

  • All-weather driving

  • Out of town driving and rural roads

  • Night driving

  • Duel carriageways

  • Motorways

During the course you will develop and use your ability to plan ahead and deal with developing hazards. Many accidents that occur can be avoided by the driver who is not at fault by RECOGNISING HAZARDS and dealing with them in advance. This course will enhance that hazard perception skill. There is no test to be taken at the end but you must complete all six modules to an achieved or exceeded standard.

Car Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies will give a discount for Pass Plus certificate holders. You could in many cases save more than the cost of the Pass Plus course itself!

If you require any more information about the Pass Plus Course, then please click here to contact me…