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Marmalade for Learner Drivers

Marmalade offers fully comprehensive insurance cover to learner drivers which is completely separate to the policy of the car owners.

Family Car Insurance

Marmalade are now able to offer the perfect solution for young drivers wanting to take to the road but are not able to afford a car of their own by allowing them to drive a car belonging to a parent or guardian.

Marmalade offer a cost-effective, policy available to any driver aged 17-27 who has either a full or provisional licence.

Family Car Insurance works simply by having a telematics box fitted to the car and when the young driver wants to take the car out they simply log in via an app to activate the system.

Passport to Freedom

Marmalade offers affordable insurance for young drivers.

It is not unusual for a parent to buy their child a car and then insure it in their own name with the child on the policy as a named driver.  This practice is called fronting and it is illegal.

If you get caught fronting your insurer could charge a penalty or cancel the policy which makes getting cover very costly.

Buying a Brand New Car

Cars are expensive to buy and insurance costs can be extremely high which makes it very difficult for new drivers to get on the road.

Marmalade offers a scheme which gives an affordable option for young people to buy a new car or an inferior second hand one.

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