What’s Driving Coaching?

Everything you need to know about driving coaching

Coaching in driver training is a process that promotes a higher degree of self awareness through your driving experiences. This helps the learner to be able to cope with demanding road situations by making decisions for themselves aided by the coach. Please click on the headings below in order to read more about how coaching can help you.

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    What is the difference between coaching and instruction?

    Traditionally driving lessons have been conducted on teaching and telling basis. This is where the instructor will tell you what to do over and over again until you understand the subject being taught.

    Coaching is a more client centred approach than instruction. The learner will be able to take responsibility of their own learning progress aided by the coach (me).

    Coaching allows the learner to develop self correcting and evaluation skills. This will help the learner to confidently make decisions and be able to evaluate risks, therefore leading to a safer more confident driver. e.g. if you are told what to do would you necessarily understand with out being told again? But if you found the solution yourself you would be more likely to remember the correct outcome next time.

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    How would coaching benefit you?

    1. You would develop confidence earlier to make decisions in driving situations
    2. You will be able to self correct and challenge yourself when making driving faults
    3. You will constantly improve your driving skills after the test
    4. You will be able to cope with peer pressure when driving
    5. You will have the skill to evaluate your own driving and know and understand your own limitations
    6. Most importantly you will gain the skill in evaluating and reducing the risk factors involved in driving.

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    Can everyone be coached in learning to drive?

    Through my experience of instructing and coaching, no two students are ever the same. Some will react to coaching very quickly and others will take longer to be at ease with coaching, but those same students would fare the same in instruction as well.

    I always plan my lessons to suit everyone’s individual needs and so coaching is not always the only solution for everyone. I have found with recent students that driving test results have improved especially with the number of driving faults being committed.

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    Will coaching help me to pass my driving test easier?

    The answer? A resounding yes! So far most of my students that have been involved in the coaching process have found that coaching has given them the skills to cope with every driving situation, such as those faced on the test with a higher degree of confidence. Feeling in control of what is happening around them and being able to make correct decisions to reduce risks, therefore cuts down on the number of driving faults made.

  5. 5
    What will happen on a coaching session?

    In your first coaching lesson we will discover firstly the way you learn best. Next we will talk about a goal you would like to achieve. We will then go out and develop the skills to meet that goal. You will be encouraged to give feedback and self evaluate your own driving (you will be surprised just how much you will be able to self correct).

    By the end of the lesson you will be able to evaluate your own performance and we will discuss ways to make improvements and then set the goals for the next lesson.

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